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PHP, HTML5, HTML5 forms, JavaScript, Disabled input field

I'm sure this is something that many PHP developers know, but I was surprised to find out this. The situation is the following: for example, you have a web form and a disabled input field in it. The disabled field is being updated on the fly via JavaScript while user changes values of other input fields. Finally, when user is done adding values to the form, we see that our disabled field has some specific value...

jQuery html5 form validation plugin

Provides validation for required fields and groups of fields, for example, groups of checkboxes and radio buttons, making sure that at least one is checked/selected. Validates html5 pattern attributes and gives the ability to customize patterns depending on your project needs. Also validates the following input types: number, url, email and tel using default patters which can be overridden.

CSS selectors

Do you use cheat sheets? Is it bad? I don't think so. They are really helpful, especially if you create one on your own and you add inside it things that you personally need and keep forgetting for some reason. Cheat sheets created with our own hands help us to remember important things and, if something happens, they could give us a clue for resolving an issue!

html5 forms, javascript fallbacks

Investigating new HTML5 form features, inpyt types, attributes, elements is a long story and it is not finished yet. We all dream about the day when we could validate a website form without a single line of JavaScript code. I believe this day will come. But while we are waiting for this day, we need some JavaScript fallbacks in order to be sure that safe and correct data is being sent to a server...

DOCTYPE, HTML5 features, HTML5 attributes

A DOCTYPE is used to tell your browser how to render a page and specify rules for page validation. If a DOCTYPE is not stated, a browser will use Quirks mode instead of Standards mode. This may cause a number of issues. Before HTML5 most of us were using HTML 4 (Hypertext Markup Language) or XHTML 1.0 (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language), both were based on SGML...

Opacity plus border-radius

When I was creating my new home page blocks, I added an image for each (using Drupal views, but that is not the focus now) and also applied border-radius property for these small images. That helped me to make the top and bottom right corners of my image rounded with 14px radius. Everything was fine until I decided to add some hover effect. The idea was to make images slightly transparent...

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WideLine - Design

WideLine Development Studio offers a variety of website design services and options. Custom Designs. Looking for something new, fresh and original? We can help design a custom look that will surely bring your visitors back again. We can create designs based on your existing corporate identity and literature, or design something completely new and unique. Pre-Designed Themes. Looking for a cost-effective option?

WideLine - Support

WideLine Development Studio provides technical support for our website packages. If you have any questions about your website, we are here to help! After your website goes live, you will be given 30 days free support. In the event you have an issue with your ordered functionality and design, we will provide the assistance to get the issued corrected. What if the 30 days has gone by?

WideLine - SEO

WideLine Development Studio provides search engine optimization and registration for all of our website packages. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Website Registration. Upon completion of your website, it is very important to...

WideLine - Domain Name

While website hosting is the foundation for your ‘home’ (website), the domain name is like your address. We will assist you in every step of the way and provide the following tailored services: Domain name purchasing: If you don’t currently have a domain name, we will assist you in registering one that will fit your needs. Domain transferring: We can assist in transferring your current domain name...

WideLine - Hosting

With all of the different servers, options and platforms, website hosting can be a little overwhelming for someone who is not versed in all of the ‘industry lingo’. That is why WideLine Development Studio is pleased to help our clients with hosting set-up. Hosting for a website is like a foundation for your house. It has to be stable and very strong. We can provide the best ‘home’ for your website.

WideLine - Content Management System

There are two main types of websites: CMS (Content Management System) websites and static websites. The following table shows pros and cons for each type. We hope this will help you to find out which website is for you. Cons of Static Websites: They require programmer attention for each update. They does not allow you to create blog posts or news easily. They does not allow people to leave...